Exalt x Exalt

The Battle of Marakano

End of ARC I.

The Mnemon and Cathak armies marched from north and south on the city of Marakano.


Mnemon Forces

The Cathak 6th Legion – “The Golden Lions”, led by General Kitono. (5000 men)
The Mnemon 4th Legion – Harmclaws, led by Mnemon. (5000 men)

Marakano Forces

The Red Raiders, led by Cerai Kulott (100 men)
The River Snakes, led by Tammuz (1,000 men, compromising mostly of new, foreign troops.)
The Marakano Arms – led by Peled Cleave. (5000 men)
>>*The Pawns* – the artifacts defending Marakano. Led by White Lotus (about 5000 units.)





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